Give Your Eyes That Little Bit Of Extra Attention

Teenagers are dynamic human beings in nature due to the features and characteristics synonymous with their level of development in the stages of growth. The way they reason and their overview of life is quite different from that of adults. The level of technological advancement in the 21st century has gone a long way to compound this. They bathe in the euphoria of their own world carved out for themselves and feel no one can understand them except their peers.

This is mostly a result of the Physical, Emotional and Psychological changes that occur at this stage of human development. Parents and their teenagers often and I mean almost all the time clash on different issues ranging from house chores, choice of clothes, what to watch on TV, food and so on. In a nutshell, the values and beliefs of the teenagers are quite different from that of the adult parents.
They will rather believe their peers who they feel understands them than anyone else who does not fall into that category.

Parental guidance is often rebuffed by teens who feel they are due for some kind of independence.

Teenagers and conflict are inseparable due to their confused personality, they are caught between childhood and adulthood. Most of the time they choose to behave like adults which end up in conflict with the adults around them from their parents, uncle and aunties, teachers and so on. Often than not they feel they know it all and resists correction or instructions of parents which are mostly regarded as old fashion or archaic.