Entrepreneurial Management Culture

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now

– so goes a famous saying.

Many entrepreneurs today say they wish they had started on their path sooner, way back from their youthful years. The sooner you start working toward a goal, the sooner your knowledge, experience, and money start compounding.

Entrepreneurship has many definitions, one of which is “the process of evaluating ones surrounding and constantly seeking out needs/wants of people and responding to their conscious/unconscious demand

A popular question “ Is there any age to begin to understand one’s environment, seek out problems, take advantage of opportunities and proffer solutions whilst creating wealth?” Is this what I want to help answer?
Well, the answer is NO and I hope I can shed more light on my response by telling my own entrepreneurial story.

My name is Olufemi Adebayo, a member of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, as well as an alumnus of the Teenage Church and I, am currently the Business Manager of Novel Planners Enterprises, a burgeoning planning, and management organization registered in 2005. Indulge me as I share my story through the following points:
Desire and Drive I remember growing up as a child wanting to be so independent and at the same time wanting everything in vogue from clothes to computer games etc. This uncontrollable desire lead me to execute my first business transaction in SS2 in secondary school, I was fifteen (15) years old then.
I had a friend in the Teenage Church who had an uncle who was in the business of importing perfumes and I knew this because my friend always used to smell so good and I had to ask him about the perfumes he used and how he got them.
I saw a business opportunity present itself and felt rather than have perfumes to use why not sell them, then came the question of who to sell to. I then made up my mind and approached him and told him I could help sell his uncle’s perfumes, whilst thinking on how to get buyers I remembered there was a supermarket on my route home from school and I decided to approach the owner and she agreed to buy the perfumes and because of the rock bottom price she agreed to pay cash on delivery rather than getting paid only when the perfumes were sold and that’s how my first hand to hand business began.
All the while my mum kept counseling me and advising me to desist from being covetous because I always wanted anything my friends had even if my parents could or could not afford them, the game changer for me was when my mum told me it was okay to desire to make money or to do business but what was most important were the reasons behind it, she told me to focus on the tomorrow, the unknown and to channel my desires to improving my future by securing it by being the best I can be for myself and people around me rather than focusing on material things. I then accepted that I needed to start small and grow into fulfilling a purpose.

Job 8 vs 7 – Though the beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.

I then knew I could only become a better person and be more prosperous. So my young friends let your positive desires be your driving force!!!